Vendor Inventory

As a leading partner in managed inventory solutions, Lake City Fastener deeply commits to enhancing supply chain efficiency. They offer more than standard inventory management. Here are three key elements that highlight Lake City Fastener's expertise as a top-tier managed inventory collaborator.

Vendor Inventory

Streamline Your Supply Chain

Lake City Fastener elevates the scope of Vendor Managed Inventory to unprecedented heights, catering to diverse delivery schedules ranging from weekly to multiple shifts within a day. Our adaptable systems encompass a spectrum of part numbers, ranging from small-scale programs to multiple-shift programs, all seamlessly managed under one roof.

Take command of your VMI program metrics with our cutting-edge web-based software. Monitor the status of your parts, track replenishment, assess work-in-progress quantities, and anticipate return timelines. Fine-tune your inventory on-hand days or align with your production forecasts. Identify slow-moving items through alerts and access regular physical inventory reports for enhanced control and decision-making.

MIGreenPower Cert

Total Control and Efficiency

Lake City Fastener's seamless Vendor Managed Inventory transformation. We optimize efficiency, ensure smooth transitions, provide real-time insights via Supplier Portals, and excel in directed buy initiatives and Class C commodities management.